With this tool you can convert directions made with Google Maps to a format that can be used to simulate playing Pokémon Go on your computer.

This tool is intended for people that for whatever reason are unable to join in the game in any other way. No cheating mkay.

March 2023: Forced service downgrade

😢 There has been a large increase in automated traffic to this site from computer addresses belonging to large companies. This has incurred considerable cost on my service that I provide free of charge for this website so that I may offer everyone high-accuracy data. Your donations and advertising income have covered the cost of the services until now but the thousands of dollars in cost incurred by these few individuals this month have now left me in a considerable debt which will take me a while to repay.

The offenders I detected have been blacklisted, but unfortunately I must downgrade this service to its default low-accuracy mode until I am able to pay back what I now owe.

To the vast majority of you that play nice, I am really sorry about this... 😔

Please consider donating and if you use this service for work, please consider corporate level donations.


ERROR: The link provided is not a valid Google maps link.

* You can also use shortened urls, e.g. https://goo.gl/maps/bWmHpSmnWGE2

But, how do I get a Google Maps directions link to paste here?

Simulated Travel Duration

ERROR: You must provide a valid Google API key.

For pinpoint GPS precision a Google API key is now required to mitigate the cost of the Google Services that this webpage relies on. For most users this is not required.

Sounds reasonable, how do I get one?

You need to apply for a API key for Google Maps Directions API.
Also, if you intend on using the elevation feature you must enable the Google Maps Elevation API for this key as well.

  1. 1. Apply for a Key here
  2. 2. Create a new Server API key.
  3. 3. Click save.
  4. 4. Enable the Google Maps Directions API and the Google Maps Elevation API (if required) for your new key.

Congratulations, you can now use your API key.

Your key is kept completely private, never logged anywhere and all traffic is HTTPS encrypted.

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Want to just use Google Maps for your GPS device ?
I have a tool designed to convert Google Maps directions into GPX format that can be uploaded and used in most sat-nav and GPS units.
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